New York
Times Square
Type Commercial Intersection
Created Officially named in 1904
Location Midtown Manhattan
Architect Unknown
Management Unknown
Borough Manhattan
Area ~6,151,874.5 ft
Visitors 39 million/year

Times Square is a major intersection in Midtown Manhattan and is identified as the Crossroads of the World.


Times Square was originally known as Longacre Square, but was renamed on April 8, 1904 by Mayor George B. McClellan, Jr.

Notable Landmarks and Buildings[]


Interesting Facts[]

  • First New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square took place in 1907


In the film "Ghostbusters", Scene "Out of Biz" the Character Louis Tully in two shots is shown on Broadway, once near Embassy Theater and WienerWald Austrian Restaurant (now McDonald's) and he was seen later near the George M. Cohan Statue.



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